Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finding Inspiration

What's on the iPod : Mystery of You by Red

I'm one of those strange birds that believes in destiny, fate, and signs...the conversation between the Oracle and Neo in the Matrix flaots through my mind about this time.....and liek the Oracle, I just smile.

It's challenging sometimes to find the next "right" project to work on, especially after the last one ended up shelved. It happens. But that fear settles in and you get half way through maybe two chapters and you start reguessing your ability. The voices in your head are no longer your characters but the evil naysayer who doubles as evil internal editor. So you put aside that project and hope to find one that is even better.

Three weeks ago, I flew into Chicago for the Romantic Times Conference, a little bummed about having to shelve the start of another project. But if I am always the pessimist in everything else I do, it is because ALL my optimism is in my writing and future goal to be a published, full-time writer. Sooooo, having the good luck to be surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people who wanted nothing more than to talk books, ideas, characters, and poor dead Mr. Pamuk (if you don't watch Downton Abbey - you should), I was determined to come up with an idea for my next project. I ended up with safe and one treading dangerous territory. Well, dangerous for me. See I like happy, happy, joy, joy. I want romance, especially the heartwrenching will they-won't they kind. But to write a genre I've never ever read, no know nothing a little dangerous for me.

So I toyed between "safe" idea and "dangerous" concept....I even wrote out the first few pages, a little plotting on the "safe" idea. I wanted to ignore "dangerous" scared me....but I kept thinking about it, even Googling some old "case files."

And then I saw this 

....and I knew!

So I may be quiet on online these days, just realize it is beacuse I have found inspiration and I am about to face the real fear of going into uncharted territory...hopefully for the best.