Sunday, June 10, 2012

Music! Music! Music!


What's on the old skool CD player : Charlie's Angels Soundtrack

With one heck of a music week here in Nashvegas, aka Music City, winding down...if you didn't know, both the CMA music fest as well as Bonnaroo took place over the past five days...I've had music on the brain, a lot.

I didn't attend either festival. I'm not one to camp out in a farmer's field for four days with a gazillion ripe people in southern humidity and heat, not unless its for the Foo Fighters - who haven't played Bonnaroo EVER. And I (as a true Nashville Native) can say I do not like country music, but if I turn off the volume on the TV, I will stare at Luke Bryan ALL. DAY. LONG.

With music flowing around town like water, it's no surprise that I've been building my playlist for the new super seekret WIP, searching for just the right songs that capture both a rock beat but also lends to a wild west feel.

Obviously, this song is on my playlist...

***(Insert image of Jon Bon Jovi strumming guitar on desert rock outcropping with drive-in behind showing scenes from Young Guns II) 

If you don't know Blaze of Glory or have forgotten the Young Guns II anthem, you can listen to it HERE.
And I also dug up some old Richie Sambora solo stuff from the Red Shoe Diaries and a little Bad Company, tossed in Adele's Set Fire to the Rain as the hero and heroine's tortured love song and now I have an awesome playlist.......

Hope everyone has recovered from one heck of a rockin, jammin weekend.

Know of any other music festival you would die to attend, or would avoid at all costs...leave a post! Or know of a great western themed rock anthem.....