Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lucky Charms

What's on the iPod : Sing by My Chemical Romance

As if you didn't already know, I am a huge GLEE fan, and this year even more than ever. One weekend a few months ago, I decided to take a writer's break (yes for insanity purposes I must do this every once in awhile) and spent all day watching Oxygen's Glee Project. They were doing the marathon thing leading up to that night's finally. By the second episode, I was hooked...and rooting for Team Damian!
And even though some of the other participants were better versed in both acting, dancing and singing, I just loved Damian because no matter what the challenge, he took it on with the biggest grin and willingingness to do and try anything. He got's charisma and the Irish accent only adds to the charm.
So what does the runner-up (he actually didn't win the Glee Project, but even the producer of Glee had to give him 7 episodes) have to do with writing Young Adult fiction...probably absolutely nothing, and possibily the fact I just wanted his adorable face on my blog today, OR... it's about having charisma and the willingness to do and try anything and do it with the biggest grin on your face. Because deep down you're saying to yourself 'it's going to be worth it.'
So when you get that big fat 'R' keep smiling. When you don't sell to your dream publisher (I'm not admitting I might have said I wanted kiss the Simon & Schuster building for luck while in NYC this summer), keep smiling. When you get those revision notes/line edits from your editor and your entire books changes, keep smiling.