Saturday, October 13, 2012

Steampunk Saturday, vol. 1

Hark! A new weekly blog post from yours truly (Okay really this is just an effort for me to be more committed to posting). Introducing Steampunk Saturday. A day devoted to all things Victorian, Steampunk, ultra-cool, gadgety, whimsical, and eclectic....just like me!

What I love and find most fascinating about the world of steampunk is the ability to find things that actually existed at the time period and twist into something fun in stories.

The above advertisement caught my eye, and there's even a blog post HERE at the Virtual Dime Museum that exposes the mystery.

Woodbury Magic Photo 1

It seems that one of the Whiton's novelties was a mysterious image that suddenly appeared out of thin air. According to the blog post, the mysterious image was a trick using "an ordinary silver print" minus the solution that would make it visible. One way to make the magic image appear was with smoke. Thus the magic pictures were placed in novelty cigars.

Now wouldn't that a be cool way for a secret agent to receive pictures meant for his or her eyes only.